Rattan garden
furniture from Turkey

Rattan hand woven furniture’s frame made from aluminium (usually 1.2mm and 1.5mm tube), suitable for everyday use in garden, cafe, swimming pool area, balcony and outdoor while the full aluminium frame helps protect against all weather conditions be it cold or heat. Any kind of dirt can be easily wiped off, offering effortless maintenance.

Iroko furniture is sustainable to cold and hot conditions, made of Iroko wood, that is high strength, 100% natural material.

Garden Monza and Sofa Monza are brands owned by MersinOfis Buro Mobilyalari Company.
The company was founded in 2006 and by following the trends of rattan garden furniture and modern production technologies had been listed as one of the leading company not only in Istanbul but also in the Mediterranean region.
Operating in the sector of rattan garden furniture and outdoor furniture since 2006, Garden Monza is engaged in import of chairs made of genuine leather and outdoor furniture. Today the company has about 30 branches and has expanded its business activities by importing of goods belonging to other industries.
Garden Monza continues its development in the field of rattan garden furniture and outdoor furniture, gradually expanding the range of furniture models and taking care that the proposed product was quality and affordable for end customer. Garden Monza adherences to its principles of high quality after-sales services, accurate and timely delivery and customer satisfaction.